This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Viewing and updating tickets

After you create a ticket, you can change the details or add new information to it. For example, you can update the ticket status, add activity notes, or change the customer and contact information.

Keeping the information in a ticket up-to-date helps you to make better informed decisions about how to manage the ticket, keeps your personal and group statistics up-to-date, and helps keep the affected customer informed about the progress of the ticket.

You can quickly update ticket information by clicking the Refresh button instead of using the browser back button to view the latest ticket detail. For example, updates do not display automatically when Impact Analysis and Approvals changes are done for a change ticket. Click Refresh to view the latest information for the ticket.

When you try to update the customer (Requested For user) name, the system searches for matching people that belong to the same company as the original customer. This behavior prevents a cascade of changes to key ticket information that is tied to the customer's company, such as the affected service, affected asset, categorization, assignment, and so on. If you need to select a customer from a different company, you must create a new ticket.

The updated customer information is passed to the related service request (if any). Customer information must be updated manually in tasks and other related ticket types.


  • Search for tickets by filtering and sorting tickets in the Ticket Console. See Managing your work in Smart IT consoles.
  • After you open ticket details in the universal client, click the Pencil icon associated with a group of fields to open those fields in edit mode, which allows you to update the field contents.
  • Click the Print icon in the universal client to open a preview, and then print ticket details.


 You cannot update a service request after it is submitted, except to cancel it.

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