This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Troubleshooting Smart IT customization migration utility

When you use the Smart IT customization migration utility, you might face issues while migrating the customization and provider action from the earlier version database tables to the new version Remedy forms. Use this topic to understand and resolve the problem or to create a BMC Support case.

Issue symptoms

  • After running the utility, the fields are not migrated from the old database to the new forms.
  • After the upgrade, the custom fields in the Problem module, which were visible before the upgrade, become invisible in Screen Configuration.
  • After running the utility, the fields are migrated from the old database to the new forms, but are not working.
  • When you try to run the utility, it cannot connect to the AR Database.

Issue scope

Customizations from Smart IT 1.2, 1.5, 1.6 and 2.0 versions are not working or not showing after running the utility on the 18.05 and the above versions.

Diagnosing and reporting an issue

1Determine what is the current scenario

Observe what is happening based on the following scenarios:

  • While running the migration utility you are having an error that prevents to start the process.
  • After migration the custom fields are not visible.
  • After migration the custom fields are visible but are not working.

2Review and modify the database parameters

Check with your database administrator for the forcedencryption database Parameter. If it is enabled, you need to disable it and try again.

As a reference, you can also check the following defect related to this issue: SW00556457. This defect had been fixed in Smart IT 19.08 version.

3Check if the customization has been migrated by using the migration utility.

Check change/incident/work order and task tickets customization data on the following forms:

  • SMT:SmartIT Layout Fields
  • SMT:SmartIT Layout Panels
  • SMT:SmartIT Layout Screens
  • SMT:SmartIT Layout Field Properties

For Provider action, review the following forms:

  • SMT:SmartIT_ProviderAction_Definition
  • SMT:SmartIT_ProviderAction_Definition_Properties
  • SMT:SmartIT_ProviderAction_FieldMapping
4Review the utility logs and rerun the utility.

The following logs are created to display the modifications that were done after you run the tool

  • Audit Log
  • Error Log

These logs are created in the following path:

C:\Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT\SmartITCustomizationUtil\myitsm-customization-migration\logs

  • Review the Audit Log to know if the migration has the Successful status. Also check if any customization has not been migrated and what are those. This log displays the actual status of the migration.
  • If you see that some customizations have not been migrated, you must review the Error Log to know the error code and the reason for the failure.

This utility creates entries in the following Remedy IT Service Management forms to record the status of the execution and the errors that occur during the execution:

  • SMT:SmartIT Audit(1805 onwards)
  • MIG:SmartIT Audit (2.0)

These forms capture entries for each feature and the datasources. You must check these forms to see if there are errors while migrating the data.

To re-run the failed entry, move the entry to In-progress and re-run the utility. This process overwrites and creates new data.

5Review the Error Log

You must review the Error log and look for an error line on it to know the details of the error. The errors are self explanatory and display the occurrence of the error and the required steps to fix.

In case the error has no helpful information, perform step 6 to create a BMC Support case.

6Create a BMC Support case

Collect and send detailed information including logs while creating a case with BMC Support. Share the following information as a part of your case:

  • Name of the user who replicated the problem
  • Time period when it was executed
  • Any error messages received

Attach the zip file which contains your logs to your case (up to 2 GB). For more information, see KA #000210233.

Resolutions for common issues


Custom fields are not visible in the Screen Configuration after you upgrade Smart IT from version 1.6 to 18.x or higher.

Check if the custom fields exist on the Remedy form
and in the database table or in one of the two locations.

  1. Run the customization migration utility:
    <Smart_IT Installation Directory> \SmartITCustomizationUtil
  2. Run the data migration utility:
    <Smart_IT Installation Directory>\SmartITCustomizationUtil\data-migration
  3. If the custom field is still not visible, check if it exists in the following form and in the database table:
    • SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes - This form is available for Smart IT version 18.05 and the later versions.
    • SmartIT_Business_SmartIT.CUSTOMIZATION_AREA_CELL table in the database.
  4. If the field exists on the form and not in the database, delete the record from the form. The field will appear after you refresh the metadata in Smart IT in the Screen Configuration view which you are trying to customize.
  5. If the field is not available both in the form and in the database, then you must check if it is available on the Problem form view or not.

You get the following error while running myitsm-customization-migration utility:

ERROR - Unable to establish connection with database, Please check connection parameters passed

Check with your users if they have the SQL database setting ForceEncryptionwar enabled or set it to ON.

Turn off the forcedencryption database parameter.

Defect#SW00556457 had been created for this issue and it was fixed in Smart IT 19.02.01 release.

You have upgraded Smart IT from version 1.6 to 18.05 and executed the customization migration utility to bring all pertinent customizations from version 1.6 to 18.05 and later versions however, the fields are not showing on the Screen Configuration.
  • You must check the SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes Form.
  • Check custom field labels in the Developers Studio.
  • Check if the field ID is same in all the forms of the Developers Studio.

To resolve custom fields in Screen Configuration that are not showing but are added to the proper forms and filters through the Developers Studio, consider the following points:

  1. The custom fields do not contain "_c" as a label in all relevant forms of the Developers Studio.
  2. The custom field has the same database ID in all forms of the Developers Studio.
  3. If the custom fields are showing on the form but not on the Screen Configuration, delete the record on SMT:Administration: Customized Application Data Source Attributes form for version 18.05 and above.
  4. Refresh the metadata on the Screen Configuration view where you are trying to add the customizes field(s).
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