This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Supported languages and locales

This topic describes limitations and exceptions for languages supported by Remedy with Smart IT. For a complete list of supported languages, see  BMC Remedy ITSM Suite compatibility matrix Open link .


  • Documentation (online) is available only in English. Administration screens might be available in English only.
  • Languages and Locales are set by your browser settings only.

General consideration

(UC only) When you change the browser locale, options such as Status, Priority, Urgency, and so on for any ticket type are localized in the locale you have set, but the values available under these options are not localized. The issue occurs because the metadata that drives these values is not refreshed. To view localized values, you must logout of Smart IT, refresh the browser, and then login to Smart IT.

Russian language limitation

Smart IT is not supported in the Russian language if BMC Service Request Management is installed in the BMC Remedy ITSM environment, because BMC Service Request Management does not currently support Russian.

Hebrew language limitations

Smart IT supports the Hebrew language only on BMC Remedy ITSM 9.1 service pack 1 (9.1.01) and later versions, with the Hebrew language pack installed.

In addition, the following limitations occur in the universal client:

  • Change request Dates tab—In the collision calendar, dates are displayed left-to-right. Calendar widgets for scheduled and actual dates display correctly.

  • Dashboard—When you mouse over the Backlog charts, the dates display in dd mmmm yyyy format.

  • Consoles—Columns resize from right-to-left in the Ticket, Knowledge, and Asset consoles. However, the resize widget is on the right side of the column header, which is more intuitive for left-to-right resizing. To increase the width of columns on the Ticket console, you must drag the first column bar to right instead of left.

  • Browser—When using Smart IT on IE or Edge browser, if you change the browser locale to Hebrew that supports Right-to-Left (RTL) orientation, you will notice that on the Ticket, Asset, and Knowledge console when you add multiple columns which exceed the viewport width, the last few columns are not displayed when you scroll to left of the console or when you resize the column width. This happens due to the third party compatibility issue of the console grid of the IE and Edge browser with languages that support RTL. It is recommended that you use Smart IT on other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox.

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