This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Smart IT benchmark summary

A series of mixed workload tests (online plus batch) were conducted to determine the performance and scalability of Remedy with Smart IT. The following product versions were used in the tests:

  • Remedy with Smart IT 19.02
  • BMC Digital Workplace 19.02
  • BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 19.02

The Micro Focus Silk Performer product was used as the load driver to simulate concurrent online users. Each concurrent user submitted transactions based on industry-standard transaction rates for each business process. A multithreaded Java application (developed internally by BMC) generated the BMC Atrium CMDB configuration items (CIs).

concurrent user is a user who executes a specified number of business transactions per hour. See the tables in Smart IT test methodology for a description of the test use cases, including the number of transactions per hour tested for a concurrent user.

The performance benchmark simulates real-world user behavior for users of Smart IT, BMC Digital Workplace, and the BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) Suite. This test simulated a small customer model of up to 2000 concurrent users per BMC Remedy Action Request (AR) System. Roughly 80% of the users executed Smart IT and BMC Digital Workplace transactions, while the remaining 20% executed legacy BMC Remedy ITSM transactions.

The key characteristics of the test results are as follows:

  • In 1902 Overall response time for restricted support user improved compared to the previous releases.
  • Dashboard response time improved, specially for the support user following many tickets
  • Overall response times are shown in the following graphic. Google Chrome browser offers the best response time performance.

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