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Example - Configuring provider actions to automate data entry for high priority tickets

As a Smart IT administrator, you can configure a provider action for your users by using an expression. In this example, Allen, a Smart IT administrator, configures a provider action by using expression for incident tickets for his users. Based on the configuration that Allen has set, when one of his users, Francie Stafford opens an incident ticket, changes the priority of a ticket to high, and changes the status of the ticket to In Progress, the provider action is executed. Francie also observes the following changes on the incident ticket:

  • The Customer Phone Number field is set to Required.
  • The Site widget is set to hidden.
  • The Contact Email ID is set to Read-Only.
  • The summary of the incident ticket is copied to the Description field, and the Operational Categorizations are set after updating the service type field.

How the Smart IT edit incident screen looks after the provider action specified in the example is executed:

The following table describes how to configure a provider action to look like the example.

Create a provider action template.In the BMC Remedy ITSM, use the SMT:SmartIT_Provider Action Template Configuration form.

Select HPD: Help Desk Source Form and Incident Data Source and map the following input and output fields:


  • Service Type
  • Description


  • Detailed Description
  • Categorization Tier 1
  • Categorization Tier 2
  • Categorization Tier 3

Define the field level expresssionSmart IT > Screen ConfigurationDefine the field level expressions for the Customer Phone, Site, and Contact Email widgets.

Configure the provider actionSmart IT > Screen Configuration > Incident View > Add/Remove Actions

Select the provider action template, select the Execute On check box, and use the following expressions:

ONCHANGE($serviceType) && ISREQUIRED($phoneNumber) && ISHIDDEN($site) && ISREADONLY($contactEmail) && $priority=='High'.

Configure and add business logic of provider actionsIn the BMC Remedy ITSMSee To configure and add business logic of provider actions in IT Service Management section in Configuring provider actions in Smart IT topic.

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