This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Creating call logs in Smart Recorder

In Smart IT 19.02 and onward versions, you can record the details that you capture in Smart Recorder during a call. In this way you can continue to create a ticket even if the call is interrupted. The captured details are recorded in the SMT:Smart Recorder Call Log form of the Remedy IT Service Management. You can open this form from the URL in the Remedy IT Service Management.

Before you begin

The Smart IT administrator must configure the enableSmartRecorderCallLog parameter to true in the Centralized configuration to get the Create Call Log button in the Smart Recorder screen.

To create a call log

The following steps describe how to create a call log:

  1. Start typing a customer name followed by @ in Smart Recorder, and select a customer from the suggestion list. 
    The Create Call Log button is enabled when you type a text. You can continue typing your text during a call. When you select a customer, the Create Ticket button appears.
  2. Instead of creating a ticket, if you want to create a call log,  click Create Ticket > Create Call Log. The event type list is displayed.
  3. Click the specific event for which you want to create a call log. For example, click Caller Hanging up if the call was interrupted by the caller. The call log is created and saved in the SMT:Smart Recorder Call Log form of Remedy IT Service Management.

Creating call log events

You can add your own event type by using the SYS:Menu Items form of Remedy IT Service Management. For more information, see Creating call log events for Smart Recorder.


The following information can be recorded: Customer, Contacts, Mentioned person, Logged in user, Asset, Descriptions (type), Event Type, and Company.

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