This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Creating call log events for Smart Recorder

As a Smart IT administrator, you can enable call logs in Smart Recorder so that your users can record the details that they capture during a call. While creating a call log, by default, users currently get the following call log events: Caller Hanging Up, Call Transfer, and Wrong Number. As a Smart IT administrator, you can add, or modify these options by using the SYS:Menu Items form of Remedy IT Service Management.

Example -Configuring the SYS:Menu Items form to display Event Type in Smart Recorder

In this example, Allen, a Smart IT administrator, configures the SYS:Menu Items form to display Call End event type in Smart Recorder. Currently there are three default event types: Caller Hanging UpCall Transfer, and Wrong Number. Allen wants that the new event type, Call End will appear at the end of the list in English language.

How the Smart Recorder screen looks after the event type specified in the example is configured:

How the SYS:Menu Items form looks after it is configured to display the event type specified in the example: 

The following table describes the information provided to configure the SYS:Menu Items form for the event type mentioned in the the example.

Menu TypeCall Log Event Types is selected.
Menu Label 1Typed Call Log.
Selection CodeEntered 4 as already there are three menus in the Smart Recorder.
LocaleIt is left blank as the label is expected to appear in English. You can mark your preferred language in this field to create call log events in your locale.
Form NameTyped SMT:Smart Recorder Call Log as the information captured in Smart Recorder for the mentioned event type is captured in this form.
Menu OrderMentioned 4 as the expectation is to make the event type appear at the end after the existing three menus.
DataTags Typed config-smt as this is Smart IT related menu.
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