This documentation supports the 19.02 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Adding custom fields to the Person Profile view

The Person Profile view in Remedy with Smart IT provides a subset of the fields that are available on the People form in Mid Tier. However, you can add custom fields to the People form. This section describes the process to add a custom field to the People form in Remedy with Smart IT. You must first add the custom field to the BMC Remedy AR System server forms and then configure the People Profile View to display the custom field.


Run BMC Remedy Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode (the default mode) and create overlays for your customizations. See Creating overlays to customize objects Open link .

BMC Remedy AR System forms to add custom fields

For the People Profile view, you must add custom fields to the CTM:People form.

To add a custom field to the BMC Remedy AR System forms

  1. Open BMC Remedy Developer Studio in Best Practice Customization mode (the default).
  2. Create a new field in the CTM:People form and assign appropriate permissions, if it is not already added. Make sure that the database name and display label do not include an __c.

  3. Flush the mid tier, and validate that you can view the field.
  4. Clear the browser cache.

To add a custom field to the People Profile view in Smart IT

  1. Log on to the Smart IT universal client as an Admin user.
  2. From the Configuration menu, choose Screen Configuration.
  3. Click Refresh Metadata in People Profile View options.
  4. Click Record Summary in People Profile View options.
  5. On the panel displayed, search for the field in list of available fields or enter the field name in the Search Fields text box.
  6. Click the Add icon ("plus" sign) for a field in the Available Fields list to add it to the Selected Fields list. You can remove it from the Selected Fields list by clicking the X icon.

    If a field is present in all required backend forms, the field is listed with an Add icon ("plus" sign) to the left of the field label, and you can add it to Smart IT views. However, if the field is missing on any of the required backend forms, the field is greyed out, and cannot be added to the view.

  7. Click Save.

Open any people profile to verify that the field was added to the People Profile view. All the fields are displayed vertically in the selected section.

You can edit the custom field inline like all fields on the default view, by clicking the  icon.


If you add out-of-the-box field into view, some of these fields are not displayed in the Screen Configuration window. You can verify this by looking on the SMT:Administration: Application Data Source Attributes form and by selecting the Data Source ID of ITSMPerson. If you see a field with the option Is it visible in UI set to Yes, then the field is already there and cannot be seen in the Screen Configuration.

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