This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Differences between Smart IT UC and mobile clients

BMC Remedy with Smart IT provides a web client, the universal client (UC) and is also supported on mobile devices. With some exceptions, functionality across both platforms is the same. This topic lists the procedures that are different for Smart IT universal client and mobile devices, or not available on mobile devices.

Feature differences

 FeatureUniversal clientMobile devices
Configuring notificationsEmail notificationsEmail notifications
Smart recorder searchSearch through people - by Name, Email, Login ID, Corporate ID with '@', Templates with '!'

First name, last name search only, email ID

Preset filters

Filters and column

Settings applied

Only filters section applied, cannot create preset
Managing your work in Smart IT consolesAvailable beside Login Name

Available from the main menu

Impact analysis (change requests) - Relating impacted services and CIs to a change requestRelate multiple CIs

You can relate multiple CIs on "Take Action" of impact analysis

Collision detection (change requests)Collisions shown in interactive calendarCollisions shown in a list
Consoles - sort list of recordsClick column header

Tablets - tap column header

Phones - select menu

CI Explorer

Graphical or list display

List display only

Key Feature support

FeatureUniversal clientMobile devices
Ticket Console, Asset Console, Knowledge ConsoleSupportedSupported
Consoles - display list of records, filter recordsSupportedSupported
Consoles - changing and ordering columnsSupportedNot supported
Bulk actions from ticket consoleSupportedNot supported
Global SearchSupportedSupported
Updates feed (Dashboard)SupportedSupported
Service delivery statistics (Dashboard)Supported

Not supported

Customer statistics (Customer profile)SupportedSupported
Accessibility modeSupportedSupported
KCS capabilitiesSupported


Attachments from cloud storage

Not supported

Knowledge templates - CreatingSupportedNot supported
Knowledge templates - Style editingSupportedNot supported
Scan asset functionsNot supportedSupported
Screen configuration - adding custom fieldsSupportedNot supported

Configuring actions, edit or delete actions

SupportedNot supported
Smart RecorderSupportedSupported
create broadcast, knowledge, change, problem, known error, assetSupported


Note:  For incident, work order and service request, user needs to use "Smart Recorder". Service Request can be created through template only.

Task management - adding tasks, changing the sequenceSupportedSupported
Creating assetsSupportedSupported
Approvals - change requests, knowledge articlesSupportedSupported
Chat optionsSupportedNot supported
Change calendarSupportedNot supported
Following a ticket, assetSupportedSupported
Creating a broadcastSupportedSupported
Smart ReportingSupportedSupported
Release ManagementSupportedPartial functionality (Review, Approve, add Work Notes, relate other ITSM records such as Incidents, Changes, Knowledge, etc.)


Only a few features of Smart IT are listed in the above table.

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