This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Deploying Openfire nodes in a cluster

Perform these settings on all the nodes in the cluster.


All servers in the cluster must be configured to share a single external database (not the Embedded DB). 

To deploy Openfire nodes in a cluster

  1. Install the Hazelcast plugin.
    1. Open the Openfire Administration console.
    2. Click on the Plugins tab. 
    3. Install the Hazelcast plugin.
  2. On the server, update the values in the /openfire/conf/hazelcast-local-config.xml file. 
    For example, to set up a two-node cluster using well-known DNS name/port values you must update the file with the following:

    <multicast enabled="false"/>
    <tcp-ip enabled="true">
    <aws enabled="false"/>
  3. Activate the node in the cluster.
    1. Open the Openfire Administrator console.
    2. Click on the Server tab. 
    3. Go to Server Manager > Clustering.
    4. In the Clustering Enabled section, select Enabled
  4. Restart Openfire service on each node.

To verify your Openfire nodes setup in a cluster

Log on to the admin console, and click Server > Server Manager > clustering option. You should see a list of nodes added to the cluster.

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