This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Date and time display format

Date and time plays a vital role in Smart IT. As a service desk agent, date and time is immensely important when you monitor Service Level Agreements (SLAs) against the progress of tickets. It helps you efficiently track and receive updates related to tickets. Smart IT displays date and time in two formats: relative and absolute.

Relative date and time display format

In Smart IT, by default, date and time for social data is displayed in relative format, such as 2 days ago and 3 hours ago. This social friendly format gives you a general idea about when an activity happened.

You can view date and time in relative format in the following areas of Smart IT:

  • Activity feed of tickets and resources
  • Updates feed
  • Chat messages
  • Related items of tickets and resources
  • Last updated details on the ticket profile

Absolute date and time display format

In all other areas by default, date and time is displayed in absolute format, such as Sep 15, 2016 6:00 PM. This format displays the exact date and time. It helps you determine the exact time left to meet SLAs. 


You can view date and time in absolute format in the following areas of Smart IT:

  • Service Delivery section on the Dashboard.
  • Tickets and articles listed under Recommended tickets and Recommended knowledge on the Resources tab.
  • Scheduled and actual start and end date and time on the task, change request, work order profile, and outage.
  • Start and end date and time on broadcasts.
  • Target date and time on problem investigation and known error ticket profile.
  • Lifecycle dates on asset profile.
  • Related items and outages related to assets.
  • Date and time in the Last Modified Date column on the Knowledge console.
  • Date and time related columns on the Ticket console - Actual End DateActual Start DateCompleted DateResolved DateResponded DateScheduled Start DateScheduled End DateSubmit Date, and Target Date.
  • Knowledge article version specific dates.
  • Date and time options under Custom Range when you perform global search, and specify the Create Date and Last Modified Date filters.
  • Date and time related filters on the Ticket Console and Knowledge Console.

Configuring the date and time display format

In BMC Remedy IT Service Management, the administrator can specify options to configure date and time in the supported formats. The setting is applied at the tenant level, and does not depend on user's choice. The default value for the dateTimeStyleProperty is relative. You can configure it to absolute. The values are case sensitive. For more information, see Centralized configuration.


  • Values in the remaining fields on the form must not be changed. 
  • You must either wait for minimum 30 minutes, or restart Smart IT to see date and time in the specified format. 

Date and time display format on supported platforms and languages

When date and time is set in absolute format, its display format on the Universal Client (UC), iOS, and Android devices depends on their setting, and the language in which you use Smart IT. By default, Smart IT displays dates in English, and follows the U.S. date format of mmm dd, yyyy and a 12-hour time format with AM and PM specifications; for example, Oct 22, 2016 2.22 PM.

Supported platformsDescription
UCDate and time depends on the date and time format of the browser locale. For example, if you use Smart IT in German locale, the date will be displayed in Deutsch.

Date format depends on the region and language settings specified on the device. Time is displayed based on whether you have set 24-hour or 12-hour time format. If you set time in 12-hour format, AM and PM specifications are displayed. Note that you cannot modify the format supported by the device.


By default, date is displayed in mmm d, yyyy format, for example, Oct 22, 2016, and time is displayed in 12-hour format. AM and PM specifications are displayed in h:mm a. format, for example: 3:15 am. This format is the default, and it does not depend on region, device settings, or the supported language in Smart IT. Note that you cannot modify this format.

The following table lists the date and time format based on the supported languages in Smart IT. The Region column represent those regions that widely use supported languages. You may specify a region that is not covered in the table.

Supported locales





English (en)


Sep 15, 2018 2:54 PM

Sep 15, 2018, 2:54 PMSep 15, 2018 2:54 pm


Sep 15, 2018 14:54 PM

15 Sep 2018, 14:54 Sep 15, 2018 2:54 pm


15/09/2018 2:54 PM

15 Sep 2016, 2:54 PMSep 15, 2016 2:54 pm

Spanish (es)


15/09/2018 14:54

sept 15,  2018 14:54sept. 15, 2018 2:54 p. m.  

French (fr)


15 sept. 2016 14:54

15 sept. 2016 14:54sept. 15, 2016 2:54 PM


15 sept. 2016 14:54

15  sept. 2016 14:54sept. 15, 2016 2:54 PM

Chinese (zh)


2016-9-15 下午2:54

2016年9月15日下午2:549月15, 2016 2:54 下午


2016-9-15 下午2:54

2016年9月15日下午2:549月15, 2016 2:54 下午

Italian (it)


15/set/2016 14:54

15  set 2016, 14:54set 15, 2016 2:54 PM

Korean (ko)


2016. 9. 15. 오후 2:54

2016. 9. 15. 오후2:54

9월15, 2016 2:54 오후

German (de)


15.09.2016 14:54

15.09.2016, 14:54

Sep. 15, 2016 2:54 nachm.

Russian (ru)


15.09.2016 14:54

15 сент. 2016 г., 14:54

сент. 15, 2016 2:54 PM

Japanese (ja)


2016/09/15 14:54

2016/09/15 14:54

9月15, 2016 2:54 午後

Hebrew (he)


Portuguese (pt)


15/09/2016 14:54

15/09/2016, 14:54

Set 15, 2016 2:54 da tarde


15/09/2016 14:54

15 de set de 2016 14:54

set 15, 2016 2:54 PM

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  1. Matthias Werninghaus

    Hello This trick does not work in 18.08 Smart-IT. I still see the relative date format. Can someone check that please.

    Nov 26, 2018 05:11
    1. Nilay Agambagis

      Hello Matthias,

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      I am communicating with the SME on this. I will get back to you.


      Nilay Agambagis 

      Nov 28, 2018 11:12
    1. Nilay Agambagis

      Hello Matthias,

      Our SME checked it and it is working for him. Could you please add more on your problem so that our SME can verify it.


      Nilay Agambagis

      Jan 15, 2019 02:48