This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Configuring Smart Recorder to search

In Smart Recorder, service desk agents use the @ accelerator to search for people by name. As an administrator, you can configure the search by last name and first name. You can also enable service desk agents to use the # accelerator to restrict the search by company.

Search by first name and last name

By default, on mobile clients, the Smart Recorder locates customer profiles by assuming a "first name, last name" order when you enter the person's name. For example, when you start to enter @Will, the system looks for people whose first names start with "Will," such as:

  • Will Jones
  • William Johnson

You can configure Smart IT so that the Smart Recorder searches by the customer's last name as well as the first name. In that case, when you start to enter @Will, the system looks for people with names such as:

  • Will Jones
  • William Johnson
  • John Williams
  • Tara Williamson


When using the Smart IT Universal Client, name search displays the following behavior:

  • When you cut and paste a name starting with the last name, Smart IT searches for the complete string, and will not return any results.
    For example, if you cut and paste Johnson Willam in the Smart Recorder, search will return no results because Smart IT looks for a single string "Johnson Willam" instead of two strings "Johnson" and "Willam" and does not find any matches because names are stored in the First Name Last Name format.
  • The initial search, when you start typing the user name, returns a limited number of records. As you continue typing the name, the search is restricted to this limited search result. The search will not find any matches if the last name entered is not a subset of this search result.

Search by company

You can specify the parameter to enable the service desk agents to search for assets and people on the basis of the #company accelerator when creating tickets in Smart Recorder.

If the configuration parameter is set to True, when creating tickets in Smart Recorder the service desk agents can search for assets and people on the basis of the #company accelerator. If the parameter is set to False, when creating tickets in Smart Recorder people and asset is searched in context of the company to which the logged in service desk agent has access.

To configure Smart Recorder to search

The configuration parameters are available in the Centralized configuration. Perform the following steps to view or change the configuration settings:

  1. In a browser, enter the following URL address:

  2. Log in.
  3. Select Remedy Management Console > AR System Server Group Console > Server Group Configuration.

You can migrate your existing data from the previous versions of Smart IT to Smart IT 2.0 and onward versions using the migration utility. For more information, see Migrating Smart IT customization and configuration from 2.0 and earlier

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  1. Tony Worthington

    Screenshot is broken, and there are no text instructions on how to change the parameter.

    Nov 05, 2018 01:52
    1. Nilay Agambagis

      Hello Tony,

      Thanks a lot for your comment.

      The text instructions are given in the Centralized configuration topic. I have inserted a link to Centralized configuration in this topic.


      Nilay Agambagis

      Dec 10, 2018 02:08