This documentation supports the 18.08 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring automatic following in Smart IT

The Updates feed (located on the Dashboard in the universal client) displays a list of updates for items that users choose to follow (followed items), such as tickets, assets, and knowledge articles. Users also receive updates automatically for tickets for which they are the assignee, and for tickets or profiles for which they have added a note in the Activity feed. 

By default, users also receive updates for any knowledge articles that they create. You can configure whether automatic updates are sent when users create new knowledge articles, incidents, work orders, tasks, service requests, change requests, and broadcasts. When a new ticket is created, the submitted automatically starts following the ticket. To disable implicit following of a ticket, you need to explicitly disable the relevant filter.

When a new ticket is created, the following filters are run:

Filter nameTicket typeAutomatic following enabled by default?
CHG:CRQ:Social_ChangeFollowChange InfrastructureYes
PBM:PBI:Social_ProblemFollowProblem InvestigationYes
PBM:PKE:Social_KnownErrorFollowKnown ErrorYes
RMS:RLM:Social_ReleaseFollow ReleaseYes
RKM:KAM:Social_KnowledgeFollow KnowledgeYes
AAS:ATV:Social_ActivityFollow ActivityYes
HPD:INC:Social_IncidentFollow Incident Yes
SRM:REQ:Social_SRMFollow Service RequestNo*
WOI:WOI:Social_WorkorderFollow WorkOrderNo*

(*)You need to enable the filters so that they are automatically followed. You can enable the filters from the Developers Studio. 

To configure automatic following

You can disable the automatic following by configuring the specific filter in the Developers Studio. To do this: 

  1. From the Developers Studio, search and open the filter from the Filters tab.
  2. Create an Overlay.
  3. Click Execution Options.
  4. From the drop down options of State, select Disable.
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