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2020-01-25_23-42-54_Working with the activity feed of a knowledge article in Smart IT

This topic contains the information that you can view in the activity feed of a knowledge article and how you can filter this feed.

To view the activity feed of a knowledge article

You can view all updates made to a knowledge article from the activity pane displayed on the right side of the screen. The activity feed displays the name of the user who made the update, the time stamp, and the type of activity that was performed.

When you open a knowledge article, click the Activity tab to view all updates made to the article.

In the Add a note text box, you can enter comments, attach files, and address a person by using the "at" symbol (@) sign followed by the person's name. To use this capability, the user must have access to the knowledge article.

If you follow an article or if you are the assignee of an article, the activity feed for that article is displayed in the Updates feed.

To filtering the activity feed of a knowledge article

You can view select activity types by setting filters. On the Activity tab, click the Activity Filtersicon. All activity filters are displayed.

By default, the activity check boxes are cleared. You can either select a specific activity or click Select All to view activities of all types.


The knowledge Article view count is not increased if it is accessed from an incident ticket.

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