This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Troubleshooting Smart IT data migration

This topic contains troubleshooting tips for issues you might encounter in Smart IT.

Failure in running Smart IT utility for data migration

  • Before running the migration, check the SMT:SmartIT Audit form for which task you are running. The Status of the job should display Staged. As Smart IT 18.05 supports data migration for certain tickets, the Datasource field should display one of the supported ticket types.
  • While running the job, check readme.txt file carefully. Smart IT utility for data migration will fail if you switch the properties. For example, there are two critical properties: HR (Hard Reset) and (Migration). 
    • For migration only, HR should be set as False and M should be set as True.
    • For hard reset only, HR should be set as True and M should be set as False.
  • For any error, check SMT:Error Log form. The error log message displays the exact error. Check the log folder where a log file is generated while executing the data migration utility (AR_SmartIT_migrate_<date>).
  • Data are migrated from Smart IT database to ITSM. So, while running the data migration utility, Smart IT database, ITSM and common Smart IT server should be running.

Memory issue while running Smart IT utility for data migration

While running the data migration utility, you may get an error message if the memory is fully utilized.


Modify the utility shell script ( or data-migration.bat) to increase -Xmx1024m to a higher value as required.

Log in issue after upgrade to Smart IT 1805

While upgrading ITSM to the version 18.05, if you get the warning message for data migration task failure in the ITSM logs, compare the SMT:Administration: Data Stores form with the MYIT Administration: Data Stores form
and manually migrate the information by using the arx files. Restart Smart-IT and log in.

Failure in the Ticket console customization migration

Refer to the Rules for customization box in the Configuring columns in ticket console topic. 

  1. If you have more than one locale specific view in the ticket form, check if you have made locale changes to the correct locale specific view. i.e. one that is mapped in "SHR:Union_DataSource_FormsViews" config form.
  2. Check that you have added the value in best practise mode and not base mode.
  3. Check the logs or the console output of the utility. This contain the ids of all overlays generated for the views/fields and forms. If there is an error at any time, the error message is also present.

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