This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Default mandatory fields in Smart IT

This topic provides a list of common out-of-the-box fields that are mandatory in Smart IT, but are not necessarily mandatory in BMC Remedy IT Service Management (BMC Remedy ITSM). The list is not exhaustive, and your environment might contain customizations that cause your fields and their properties to differ from the information shown. These information are required while adding fields to your views and configuring screens in Smart IT.


  • Some fields are mandatory in both BMC Remedy ITSM and Smart IT.
  • Smart IT displays a field as mandatory if it is required in BMC Remedy ITSM, or if you have created an overlay of the field and made its entry mode as Required.
  • Smart IT does not support fields that are made mandatory by using active links.
  • It is recommended that you not make a field mandatory by marking it as Required, if the field is not mandatory under certain conditions. For example, the Scheduled Start Date and Scheduled End Date fields on change requests are not mandatory for Latent changes.

Data source Mandatory fields in Smart IT Form name Field ID Mandatory in BMC Remedy ITSM?
Change summary CHG:Infrastructure Change

1000000000 Yes
timing 1000000568
impact 1000000163
urgency 1000000162
status 7
riskLevel 1000000180 No
company 1000000001 Yes
timingReason 1000003216 No
Incident summary HPD:Help Desk

1000000000 Yes
customerLoginId 304309540 No
status 7 Yes
impact 1000000163
urgency 1000000162
priority 1000000164
siteId 1000000074 No
company 1000000082
phoneNumber 1000000056 Yes
contactPhoneNumber 1000005785 No
internetEmail 1000000048
Outage type AST:CI Unavailability

1000000474 Yes
status 1000001546
desc 1000000000
scheduledStartDate 1000000350 No
scheduledEndDate 1000000362
actualStartDate 1000000348
Person firstName 1000000019 Yes
lastName 1000000018
phone 1000000056
site 1000000074 No
Task desc TMS:Task

8 Yes
summary 10007000
taskType 10001980
status 7
priority 10007122 No
Workorder desc WOI:WorkOrder 1000000151
summary 1000000000 Yes
workOrderType 1000000181
customerLoginId 302998300 No
status 7 Yes
customerPhone 1000003306 No
locationSite 260000001
contactPhone 1000000056
customerInternetEmail 1000003302
customerFullName 301395300

Problem Title

PBM:Problem Investigation



Impact 1000000163
Urgency 1000000162
Company 1000000001 No
Problem Status 7 Yes
Investigation Driver 1000000798




Impact 1000000163
Urgency 1000000162
Business Justification 301133400
Milestone 303538900
Status 303502600

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