This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Migrating Smart IT customization and configuration

Smart IT data migration utility prevents data loss if you are upgrading from a preceding version of Smart IT to Smart IT 18.05. You can migrate your existing information of Smart IT to Smart IT 18.05 by using this utility. This utility is provided with the Smart IT 18.05 installer. You can execute the tool after successful installation of Smart IT 18.05. You can migrate your existing customization information for incident and change tickets  to Smart IT 18.05 by using this tool. You can also move the information from Smart IT database and SHARE:Application_Properties to the tenant specific Centralized configuration of Smart IT 18.05. This tool compares the old screens with the newly installed or upgraded screens and resolves conflicts. You can also define the specific information that you want to migrate from your existing Smart IT version to Smart IT 18.05 if you don't want to migrate all of your existing information. It also creates audit log and error log to display the modifications done by this tool after executing it.


  • The data migration utility is used to migrate information for Customization, Provider Action and CCS from the previous version of Smart IT to Smart IT 18.05 in the same computer. Data are migrated from Smart IT database to ITSM. So, while running the data migration utility, Smart IT database, ITSM and common Smart IT server should be running.
  • For Centralized configuration, this utility is required to run for migrating information only if the Smart IT installer fails to migrate information. The Smart IT installer log file captures the warning message if this utility fails while upgrade.

Using the customization and configuration data migration utility

  1. Unzip the folder from the following path in your machine:
    \Program Files\BMC Software\Smart_IT\SmartITCustomizationUtil>
    The folder myitsm-customization-migration appears.
  2. Double click myitsm-customization-migration folder. This folder contains multiple files as displayed in the following image:
  3. (Optional) Open the customization-migration-script.bat file for Windows and for Linux. 
    This is the template to set different server host, port, user id and password. 

    For a detailed information, see readme.txt file, which is available in the myitsm-customization-migration folder. You can refer to the relevant examples given in the readme.txt file.
  4.  (Optional) Define and save the server information.
  5. Double click or run the batch file customization-migration.bat or from the command prompt with the required parameters to execute the data migration process.

Audit and error logging

You can check the detailed information after the data migration is done from the following forms of Mid-tier.

 SMT:SmartIT Audit form

This form gives you the overall status of the data migration.

 SMT:SmartIt Error Log

This form provided information if there is any failure that occurs during data migration.

Additional Information

Smart IT recommends not to change the panel mapping in the property file. In case you need to change the mapping, you should always follow the Smart IT defined structure. For more information, see Additional information on the customization and configuration data migration.

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