This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Integrating Smart IT with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog service request

As a Smart IT administrator you can enable BMC Digital Workplace request integration so that the users can search and view BMC Digital Workplace service requests; add activity notes; view questions and answers, fulfillment records, approver banner; share, refresh and print BMC Digital Workplace requests in Smart IT. This integration can only be done with BMC Digital Workplace version 18.05 or later.

Before you begin

In Digital Workplace, enable the Agent user role, with Service agent permission level and sbe-agents permission group, to see the service requests that are created by other users. For more information, see the related topics.

To integrate Smart IT with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog

  1. As an administrator, in ITSM, open the Centralized configuration.
  2. From the Component Name menu, select com.bmc.itsm.sbe.
  3. Select  *.
    The * is marked for the configuration parameters that are available in the global settings in the CCS.

  4. Type the required details:

    The following table provides the descriptions of the available options:

    sbeDomainBMC Digital Workplace Catalog domain name.
    sbeTenantAdminPasswordBMC Digital Workplace Catalog server password. This password becomes encrypted after applying it.
    sbeTenantAdminUserAdministrator's user ID of the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog server. Do not mention the domain name.
    sbeUrlBMC Digital Workplace Catalog server URL (http or https). Add URL. Do not include ending slash (/). For https, the default Port is 443.
  5. Click Apply.

  6. From the ITSM, open the SBE:ConnectionConfig form to test the connection.
  7. Click Test Connection
    The Result field displays the test connection status. If the connection fails, the Result Code field displays the failure reason. 


    If you get an error, you can check the arjavaplugin.log, which is the standard AR java plug-in log. Otherwise, you can also generate a log file to check the details if you get an error. For more information, see Working with logs.

  8. In the Centralized configuration form, select com.bmc.arsys.smartit > *.
  9. Set the enableSbeIntegration parameter to true.

Available features after integration

This integration enables Smart IT agents to use the following capabilities in Smart IT:

Search and View

Smart IT agent can search and view BMC Digital Workplace requests in Smart IT from the following features:

Global Search: You can see BMC Digital Workplace Catalogs service requests in a separate panel under the Tickets & KnowledgeTickets, and ALL sections. You can also select the Digital Workplace Request option from the Filter to display Digital Workplace Catalogs service requests. Currently, the Create Date and the Company options are not supported as search parameter and only the Last Modified Date is supported for this selection. 

Smart Recorder: Once the Customer is selected, the Open and Resolved Digital Workplace requests, that were submitted for the customer are displayed. 

My Profile: From the logged in user's profile, you can see the open BMC Digital Catalog service requests in a separate section.

Note: The Digital Workplace requests do not appear in Smart IT Ticket Console.

Add activity notes

This integration enables Smart IT agents to open a Digital Workplace request and add public and private Activity Notes; add upto three attachments; mark affected customer, services, and assets using @ symbol. You can also search the activity notes by using simple text search. The public activity notes that you add in Smart IT are also displayed in Digital Workplace in the same Digital Workplace request.

View questions and answers

As a Smart IT agent, you can view questions and answers in Smart IT if they are mapped with the BMC Digital Workplace Catalog. You can also download attachments from the questions and answers.

View fulfillment records

Single and multiple fulfillment records are displayed under the Fulfillment section in a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog in Smart IT. For more information, see Workflows for service fulfillment Open link .

Note: The Digital Workplace requests related to fulfillment records do not appear on the Relationship tab.

View approver banner

The Approver banner is displayed in a BMC Digital Workplace Catalog, if the approval workflow is added in the BMC Digital Workplace catalog. For more information, see Workflow to request approval Open link .

Approval process only works if the SB ITSM patch has been installed and configured on the ITSM server. For more information, see Integrating Remedy applications with BMC Digital Workplace Catalog Open link .

Share, Refresh and Print BMC Digital Workplace request in Smart IT

As a Smart IT agent, you can share the Digital Workplace requests through email with the internal support group members and chat by using the Share icon of the Digital Workplace requests. You can also print and refresh the Digital Workplace requests by using the relevant icons in View full request mode.


  • Social feeds on the dashboard and the user profile are not displayed for Digital Workplace request; however, this information is available on the user's timeline.
  • Status change updates for fulfillment takes time to appear in Smart IT.
  • Currently, the Follow/Unfollow , Request again, Cancel, and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) features are not supported.
  • Agents cannot search BMC Digital Workplace requests in Smart IT for IDs ranging from 1 to 99 as Smart IT Universal Client limits global search with less than 3 characters. 
  • In the Activity tab of the ticket view, filter by the activity type is not available for the BMC Digital Workplace requests.
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