This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Remedy with Smart IT sets a new standard for the modern workplace with an intuitive, social, and mobile service desk experience to enable a more knowledgeable and collaborative workforce organized around IT roles, not modules.

Release notes and notices
updated 20 May

Learn what’s new or changed for Remedy with Smart IT 18.05, including new features, urgent issues, documentation updates, and fixes or patches.


This section only includes information about changes since the most recent release of Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT). If you are upgrading from a previous release, review the release notes for all applicable versions of the product. For example, if you are upgrading from version 1.4, review the release notes for versions 1.4, 1.5,1.6 and 2.0.


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Installing Remedy with Smart IT

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BMC Remedy IT Service Management Suite 18.05




September 30, 2019Critical Remote Code Execution vulnerability in Remedy with Smart ITFlash notification that describes how to fix an unauthenticated Remote Code Execution security vulnerability in Remedy with Smart IT.
September 20, 201818.05.005: Patch 5 for version 18.05

Defect fixes and other corrected issues for Smart IT. It is a cumulative patch and contains fixes from earlier patches.


You must follow the below mentioned sequence while downloading and applying the deployment packages of the patch from the EPD:

  1. Apply BMC Remedy AR System 18.05.005: Patch 5 for version 18.05. 

  2. Apply BMC Remedy IT Service Management 18.05.005: Patch 5 for version 18.05.

  3. Apply BMC Remedy Service Request Management 18.05.005: Patch 5 for version 18.05. 

  4. Apply BMC Remedy Service Level Management 18.05.005: Patch 5 for version 18.05.

  5. Apply 18.05.005: Patch 5 for Smart IT 18.05.

August 29, 201818.05.004: Patch 4 for version 18.05

Defect fixes and other corrected issues for Smart IT 18.05 GA release.


A more recent patch, 18.05.005: Patch 5 for version 18.05 is released.

July 31, 201818.05.003: Patch 3 for version 18.05

Defect fixes and other corrected issues for Smart IT Controlled Availability release.

July 4, 201818.05.002: Patch 2 for version 18.05
June 18, 201818.05.001: Patch 1 for version 18.05

June 18, 2018

18.05 enhancements

Enhancements available in version 18.05 of Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT) are:

  • Remedy with Smart IT installer is now separated from BMC Digital Workplace installer

  • No separate UX Patch installer for Smart IT
  • MongoDB is no longer required to support Smart IT social features
  • Agents now can see a customer's BMC Digital Workplace service catalog requests in Smart IT
  • Enhanced screen configuration capability for Work Order and Task tickets

  • Enhanced provider action

  • Introduced single edit mode in Work Order and Task ticket screens

  • Enhanced to copy field information from Knowledge Article while resolving Incidents

  • New license release timeout configuration

  • Additional configuration parameters in the Centralized Configuration (CCS)

  • Enhanced widgets



As an end user, access and navigate the Smart IT interface.



As an administrator, manage access to tickets and resources, configure actions in Smart IT, and perform centralized configuration.



As an administrator, set up integrations with BMC Digital Workplace service request and BMC Client Management.



Resolve common issues or errors, review logs, or contact Support.



(On-premises only) Plan an installation or upgrade based on recommended deployment architecture, best practices, sizing, and system requirements.



(On-premises only) Install and perform initial system configuration.



(On-premises only) Upgrade based on the latest system requirements and software.



Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base




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FAQs and additional resources

This topic provides information that supplements the Remedy with Smart IT documentation.

Frequently asked questions

This section provides answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Remedy with Smart IT.

 Is Smart IT the same as MyIT?

You can find the answer to this question and a general overview of Smart IT in Getting started.

 How do I create a basic incident or work order in Smart IT?
 How do I create a knowledge article in Smart IT?
 How do I find a list of tickets or knowledge articles assigned to me or my team in Smart IT?
 Where can I find documentation for Smart IT in PDF format?

The PDF for the latest Smart IT version is located here. The online documentation is updated regularly, while the PDF contains a snapshot of the content at a particular point in time.

 I’d like a PDF of just selected information. How can I get that?

The BMC Documentation portal gives you the ability to generate PDF and Microsoft Word documents of single pages, and to create PDF exports of multiple pages in a space.  

Creating PDF and Word exports

You can create a PDF of a page or a set of pages. (Non-English page exports are not supported.) You can also create a Word document of the current page.

To export to PDF or Word

  1. From the Tools menu in the upper-right, select a format:
    • Export to Word to export the current page to Word format
    • Export to PDF to export the current page or a set of pages to PDF
  2. If exporting to PDF, select what you want to export:
    • Only this page to export the current page
    • This page and its children to export a set of pages
    For example, selecting This page and its children from the home page exports the entire space to PDF.

Depending on the number of topics included in the export, it might take several minutes to create the PDF. Once the export is complete, you can download the PDF.

Additional resources from BMC

The following BMC sites provide information outside of the Remedy with Smart IT documentation that you might find helpful:

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