This documentation supports the 18.05 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Creating knowledge articles for sharing information

In Smart IT, you can create knowledge articles that talk about how you resolved an issue. It helps other service desk agents to quickly resolve similar issues by referring to these knowledge articles. You can create all known types of knowledge articles by using the pre-defined BMC Knowledge Management templates available in Smart IT, except Decision Tree type of articles and any custom templates you defined for Knowledge Management.

You must have BMC Knowledge Management installed to create knowledge articles in Smart IT.


You follow a knowledge article if you have created the article. Refresh your screen as it may take a few minutes to reflect the 'Follow' status.


Smart IT supports Knowledge Centered Support (KCS).  The practices defined in KCS enhance the collective efforts of the knowledge team to create and maintain a rich knowledge base. The Consortium for Service Innovation has created the KCS methodology and maintains it. The KCS methodology is as follows:

  • Create knowledge as a by-product of resolving incidents.
  • Collect available knowledge in a comprehensive knowledge base.
  • Reuse and improve existing knowledge before creating new content.
  • Encourage users to collaborate, learn, share, and improve knowledge within the organization.

The following video (3:24) describes the benefits of using knowledge management for KCS in Smart IT.

Whether you use KCS or traditional knowledge management, knowledge articles can help support agents and business users. After you create and publish knowledge articles, the articles show up in Smart Recorder when a support agent logs a ticket. If you use BMC Digital Workplace or BMC Chatbot, the knowledge articles are available to business users.

While creating an article, if you copy plain text from a text editor (for example, Notepad), and paste it into the article content, and then try to change the font style of a specific text or sentence, all of the article text gets formatted instead of just the selected text or sentence due to the limitation of the CKEditor. While configuring source editing for knowledge articles, if you want to enable source editing (not recommended), you must open the isCKEditorSourceEditable property from the Centralized configuration and change its value from false to true.

Process overview for KCS

The following diagram illustrates the process of using and publishing knowledge articles:

Process overview for traditional knowledge management

The following diagram illustrates the process of creating and publishing knowledge articles:

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