This documentation supports the 1.6 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Disabling Openfire chat

As a system administrator, you can disable Openfire chat immediately after installing Smart IT, or at any time later. If you have deployed and enabled chat during Smart IT installation, but do not intend to use it any more, you can disable the chat feature. 


  • You must comment the properties on all SmartIT nodes. 
  • If Openfire chat is deployed on clusters, then you must comment the same properties on all SmartIT pods.
  • You can disable Openfire chat for the entire tenant. You cannot disable chat for a single user.

To comment and disable chat related statements follow the steps given below:

  1. Edit on each Smart IT server node.

  2. Add '#' before the chat related statements to comment Openfire chat. = <loadbalancer url pointing to 5222>
    #chat.server.client.port = 5222
    #chat.server.admin.login = admin
    #chat.server.admin.password = admin
    #chat.server.admin.pool.size = 6
    #chat.server.groupChatService = conference
    #chat.server.domain = <loadbalancer url pointing to 5222>
    #chat.server.boshUrl = http://<loadbalancer url pointing to 7070>/http-bind/
    Each property means the following:
—Chat server host name. 
    chat.server.client.port—Chat server client port that is open for accepting client connections.
    chat.server.admin.login—Chat server admin login user name.
    chat.server.admin.password—Chat server admin password.
    chat.server.admin.pool.size—Chat service connection pool size, set to 6 optimal.
    chat.server.groupChatService—group chat service enabled or not. 
    chat.server.domain—domain name that is given in Openfire server admin consoler server settings.
    chat.server.boshUrl—Bosh URL to connect to Openfire service. It must be <hostname:binport>/http-bind.
  3. Restart Smart IT servers.

  4. (Optional) Turn off Openfire nodes.

To verify if chat is disabled or not, you can observe that on the Smart IT menu bar, the Chat icon is not available.

To enable chat again, you must remove  '#' before the chat related statements to uncomment chat properties, and restart the Smart IT service. You must ensure that the Openfire server is up.

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