This documentation supports the 1.6 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuration parameters for Smart IT

When configuring Smart IT, the administrator can specify configuration parameters to suite user requirements. The administrator can view and modify the parameters from the CONFIGURATION_PARAMS table under Smart IT and MyIT database. The path to navigate to the parameters table is:

  • Smart _IT_DB > Smart_it_db_business > CONFIGURATION_PARAMS
  • MY_IT_DB > My_it_db_business > CONFIGURATION_PARAMS

Some parameters are also available on the SHARE:Application_Properties form in BMC Remedy IT Service Management.

This table lists tenant-specific configuration parameters, and their description.

Sr #Configuration parameterDefault valueDescriptionLocation

This parameter is not available as an out-of-the-box parameter in Smart IT.

Smart IT does not support Service Request Definition (SRD) with Action. If you specify the value of this parameter to True, the system disables the display of SRDs that use actions so such SRDs are not displayed in the Smart Recorder.

If you specify the value of this parameter to False, the system enables the display of SRDs that use actions. Because Smart IT does not support SRD that use actions, the actions will not be available for such SRDs in Smart IT.

To add the parameter to the database, add a row in the CONFIGURATION PARAMS table.
Run the following SQL script. Ensure that you replace the tenant id with the correct tenant id for your instance. For example, '000000000000001'

('<tenant id>’

MyIT database
2MaxLimitRelationships500It indicates the maximum number of related CIs you can show with a change request. It sets maximum limit on relationships get call. In Smart IT versions prior to 1.5.01, the maximum limit was hardcoded to 100. In Smart IT version 1.5.01, the maximum limit is set to 500. This will be set only when the chunk size is not provided. It is a positive integer, and by default the value is set to 500. You can increase the maximum value, however it might impact Smart IT performance.SHARE:Application_Properties form



This parameter allows you to configure the Java temp location. The temporary PDF files of knowledge articles are stored at this location. The PDFs are then emailed to customers.

To send a knowledge article, you need Read/Write permissions to the folder that maintains the temporary PDF files generated during PDF conversion at the Smart IT server. The default path is Java temp location. You must either provide permission to the folder, or configure the location by using this parameter.

The administrator must periodically clean this folder.

SHARE:Application_Properties form

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