This documentation supports the 1.6 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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1.6.00 enhancements

This topic contains information about the new features and enhancements in version 1.6.00 of Remedy with Smart IT (Smart IT).


For information about issues corrected in this release, see Known and corrected issues.

Support for release management capabilities

Smart IT version 1.6 supports the release management capabilities of BMC Remedy Release Management. Users with appropriate release permissions and functional roles can create, view, edit, and review release in Smart IT. You can create a release record from scratch or by using templates, prepare a release plan that includes creating activities, and relating existing change requests. A release follows a release lifecycle, which is set according to the milestones specified in BMC Remedy Release Management. Users with release approver functional role must review the release in each milestone.

You can search for a release and activities by using the global search. You can also create related change requests from the release. On the Ticket Console, you can filter for release tickets, and view them. You can also view the releases that are related to the existing ticket types.

For more information about the release management functionality, see Managing releases.

Fortification of key areas in Smart IT

Key areas on the Ticket Console, incidents, and change requests are now fortified to ensure that you can efficiently use smart IT. Some of the fortified areas are as follows:

Re-signing and rebranding Smart IT on Apple iOS

You can now use the iOS re-signing and rebranding utility to effectively re-sign and rebrand Smart IT on Apple iOS devices. The utility is shipped with Smart IT 1.6 installer. It supports re-signing and rebranding Smart IT on version 1.4 and later. If you are using Smart IT 1.5.01 or earlier version, you can download the utility from BMC Communities. For more information, see Re-signing Smart IT on Apple iOS.

Product name changes

  • Starting from version 1.6, BMC Remedy with Smart IT has been renamed as Remedy with Smart IT.
  • Starting from version 3.3.02, MyIT has been renamed as Digital Workplace.

Digital Workplace 3.3.02 is compatible with Smart IT 1.6.

Support for installing Smart IT on premises when using Digital Workplace OnDemand

Starting with Smart IT 1.6 and Digital Workplace 3.3.02, if you are using Digital Workplace OnDemand, you have the option to install Smart IT on premises. In this hybrid scenario, Digital Workplace and Smart IT run on separate server clusters, both connected to the same BMC Remedy IT Service Management server. For more information, see Performing the Smart IT installation when using BMC Digital Workplace Cloud.

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