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Updating asset details after scanning it using Smart IT

When working on tickets on your mobile devices, you may require to update details of the asset you are working on. As an Asset Manager, when you scan an asset using your mobile device, BMC Remedy with Smart IT allows you to view the asset record and update it.

This topic describes a use case for updating asset details after you scan them.

Use case for updating asset details 

Updating asset details

In our use case, Steve, a field support technician and an Asset Manager, is working on a work order for setting up a new projector in a conference room at a nearby site. After using a knowledge article to set up the projector, he needs to update the status of the asset.

  1. Steve logs on to Smart IT from his iPad.

  2. From the selection menu, he selects Search and then taps Search by code scanning  

    The mobile device camera opens.

  3. Steve holds the camera over the asset ID bar code.

    The camera reads the bar code, looks up the asset in the system, and displays the relevant asset details. 

  4. After the asset details are displayed, Steve updates the asset status and saves the record.

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