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Smart Recorder overview

The Smart Recorder provided with BMC Remedy with Smart IT reduces the amount of time that it takes to register and resolve incidents and work orders, increasing call center productivity and improving customer satisfaction. 

Smart Recorder employs a free form text entry field that frees your from having to serve the needs of a structured form and lets you focus instead on what the customer is saying. This method of creating tickets lets service desk agents capture information in real time, directly from the customer and in their own words. As the service desk agent notes details about the issue from the customer, the system becomes aware of those details and starts to run background full text searches against people information and asset records to help identify the customer's organization, location, assigned assets, and so on. The results of those searches are presented on-screen as suggested matches. When there is a match, the service desk agent can associate that information to the incident or work order with a single click.

Smart Recorder also suggests templates, which you can use to create a ticket or service request. The template pre-populates information in the ticket and saves details in a structured way that later can be searched and used for reporting.

In addition, Smart Recorder searches other system resources and suggests knowledge articles and similar, resolved tickets that might help the service desk agent resolve the current issue. You can review summaries of these articles and tickets while the customer is still on the phone. If you find a resource that could resolve the issue, you can immediately walk customers through the resolution and then verify with them that the ticket is resolved. 

If your help desk phone system integrates with other web tools, you can configure it to start Smart Recorder directly from the phone system UI.

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  1. Kalin Tonchev


    Is there a way to hide/remove the Smart Recorder tab?

    Oct 27, 2016 07:36
    1. Rakhi Rathod

      Hello Kalin,

      Smart IT users with IT Agent persona will see the Smart Recorder by default. There is no way to remove or hide the Smart Recorder tab.




      Nov 08, 2016 02:06