This documentation supports the 1.5 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Scanning assets to relate them to an existing record

BMC Remedy with Smart IT provides the functionality to scan assets and relate them to an existing record making it easier for field technicians to add related assets from within the tickets they are working on. Instead of manually searching the system for the related asset, when you are editing a ticket, you can scan the asset and link the asset record to the ticket. For assets that do not exist in the system, you require to create the record before relating it to the ticket.

Use case overview for relating assets to an existing record

Relating an asset to a record 

Mary is a support specialist working on an incident related to fixing a printer. She realizes that she needs to attach the asset record of the printer to the incident. Using Smart IT on her iPad she can scan the printer asset tag and relate it to the incident record.

  1.  On the incident record, she taps Related Items.

  2. From the Actions menu, she taps Add Related Items.
  3. She selects Asset as the item type, and then taps Scan codes to find assets.
  4. Using the iPad camera, she scans the printer asset tag.
    The printer record is pinned to the incident.
  5. She taps Relate to add this record to the Related Items list of the incident record and then saves it.

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