This documentation supports the 1.5 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Scanning assets in Smart IT using mobile devices

BMC Remedy with Smart IT provides the capability of scanning asset bar codes or QR codes using your mobile devices, to view and then use that asset record to complete multiple processes in Smart IT, and providing appropriate error messages if the asset code is not found. It also provides the capability to scan multiple asset codes and perform actions like receiving the assets.

Asset users with Receiving User permissions can scan items using their mobile devices and view details, edit the details if they have Asset Management permissions, and receive them.


Users without Receiving User permissions can only scan a single asset at a time, and must trigger the barcode scan from the global search menu to scan assets.

You can perform the following tasks after scanning an asset:

View the following video for a quick overview on how mobile users can perform various actions after scanning assets in Smart IT.

How administrators configure the codes

Barcode or QR code values must be encoded with a value from one of the following BMC Asset Management fields (the field ID is indicated in parenthesis) for Smart IT to match it to the asset record:

  • Asset Name (200000020)
  • Serial Number (200000001)

You can also search for assets based on the following fields: 

  • Tag Number (260100004)
  • Asset ID (210000000)

However, for the Tag Number and Asset ID fields, you must set the value of the following configuration parameter to False.

Configuration parameterValue

There might be some performance issues if you turn this parameter to False. For more details see, Smart IT performance tuning recommendations.

Supported formats

The following formats are supported on the Apple iOS and Google Android platforms:


Bar code

QR code

Google Android platform
(uses zbar library for bar code)

  • EAN-13/UPC-A
  • UPC-E
  • EAN-8
  • Code 128
  • Code 39
  • Interleaved 2 of 5

Apple iOS platform
(uses native framework: AVFoundation)

  • UPC-E
  • Code 39
  • Code 39 mod 43
  • EAN-13 (including UPC-A)
  • EAN-8
  • Code 93
  • Code 128
  • PDF417
  • Aztec
  • QR
  • DataMatrix

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  1. Shanky Gupta

    The update of the parameter isExclude_TAG_and_CI_ID from the MyIT admin console under asset management doesn't update it in the database.

    Manually update the value of this parameter in the database SmartIT_Business in the table CONFIGURATION_PARAMS where KEY_NAME = isExclude_TAG_and_CI_ID

    The below query gives the value of this parameter set in the database


    select * from CONFIGURATION_PARAMS where KEY_NAME = 'isExclude_TAG_and_CI_ID'

    After this restart the SmartIT social service and tomcat

    Jun 20, 2017 12:47