This documentation supports the 1.5 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Relating an asset to another asset

To maintain up-to-date asset records in your asset inventory, you must keep a record of all related assets. For example, a computer system is closely related to other assets such as keyboard, mouse, CPU, and printer. Relating assets to other assets helps to effectively maintain assets as a group. You can relate multiple assets at the same time and specify the relationship between them.

To relate an asset to another asset

  1. Open the asset you want to relate to another asset.
  2. Under the Assets tab, click Relate Existing Asset.
  3. In the Relate Assets pane, search for the asset you want to relate by using the basic or advanced search option.
  4. From the search result, select the check boxes for assets that you want to relate.
    The list of relationship type appears in the lower-left corner of the Relate Assets pane.
  5. From the Relationship Type list, select a relationship for the related assets.
  6. Click Save.
    Based on the relationship that you specified, the related asset is displayed under the Assets tab of the main asset.  

To remove the relationship from a related asset, select the Remove option for the related asset. 

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