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Receiving assets in Smart IT after scanning them

BMC Remedy with Smart IT provides the functionality to scan assets that have been delivered, match them to the existing asset record, and then update the status of the line items corresponding to the assets in a purchase order. This provides users the flexibility to update the received status of the asset using their mobile devices when it actually arrives at the warehouse, instead of having to manually search for and update the status of each asset.


The scanning feature is only available on mobile devices.

This topic describes a use case for scanning multiple assets, matching them to the existing asset record, and updating the status of related line items in a purchase order to complete receiving process.

For more information, see Scanning assets and updating details.

Use case for updating a purchase order with received assets 

Receiving assets

Paresh is an Asset Receiving Manager who has to receive a set of assets that was just deliverd. Using his mobile device, he scans each asset, matches it to the existing asset record and updates the status line items corresponding to the asset in the relevant purchase order. 


You can also manually update the asset bar code or QCode value to receive an asset. In our example we scan the assets using Smart IT on a mobile device, match it to their existing record, and then update the status of the line items corresponding to the assets in the relevant purchase order.

  1. Paresh logs on to Smart IT from his iPad.

  2. From the selection menu, he selects Code Scan 

    The mobile device camera opens.

  3. He holds the camera over an asset ID bar code and scans it. They system looks up the asset in the system, and if found displays the asset name as Found. If however, the scanned code is not found, it is displayed as Not Found, and he must first create the asset record before he can receive it.

    You cannot add this asset to the system from the Code Scan screen. For details about adding an asset, see Creating and updating assets in Smart IT.

  4. He scans the remaining the assets.

  5. He clicks Continue and selects the Relate to PO option.  

  6. On the search PO window, he enters the purchase order number related to the scanned asset or assets, and opens the corresponding purchase order.

    If the part number and CI type of a received asset matches the part number and CI type of a line item in the purchase order, the system displays Match against the line item.

    If multiple assets are related to the same purchase order, the system displays Match against all assets that match.

  7. Paresh then clicks Save to confirm receipt of the asset.

    If all line items in the purchase order have been received, their status is updated to Received. If only a part of the purchase order has been received (that is, the received count is less than expected count or the total count or not equal to 0), the status is updated to Partially Received.

  8. After Paresh saves the record, he is prompted to either scan another item or search for another purchase order.

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