This documentation supports the 1.5 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.


Documentation tip

The BMC Remedy for Smart IT online documentation contains only the high-level process information for installation and upgrade. The detailed procedures are available in the BMC My IT online documentation.

This version of the documentation is no longer supported. However, the documentation is available for your convenience. You will not be able to leave comments.


  1. Brad Taylor

    Can you add a pointer to the "detailed procedures... in the BMC My IT online documentation" on this page?

    Nov 28, 2016 05:23
  2. Jeremy Schlosky

    Under Stage 4: Install Smart IT and MyIT, the Verify the Smart IT and MyIT server installation link does not work. 

    Dec 13, 2016 10:17
    1. Rakhi Rathod

      Hello Jeremy,

      I have informed the concerned person to update the broken links.

      I'll keep you informed.




      Dec 21, 2016 04:18
    1. Rakhi Rathod

      Hello Jeremy,

      We have fixed the broken links.

      Sorry for the inconvenience.




      Dec 27, 2016 05:13
  3. Conrad Pereira


    There are quite a few broken links on this page. Please fix and verify that every link is working.


    Feb 27, 2017 05:41
    1. Michele Marques

      I apologize for the broken links! I have fixed them and verified the links.

      Feb 28, 2017 04:39