This documentation supports the 1.5 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Configuring Smart Recorder to search by last name or first name

By default, on mobile clients, the Smart Recorder locates customer profiles by assuming a "first name, last name" order when you enter the person's name. For example, when you start to enter @Will, the system looks for people whose first names start with "Will," such as:

  • Will Jones
  • William Johnson

You can configure Smart IT so that the Smart Recorder searches by the customer's last name as well as the first name. In that case, when you start to enter @Will, the system looks for people with names such as:

  • Will Jones
  • William Johnson
  • John Williams
  • Tara Williamson


When using the Smart IT Universal Client, name search displays the following behavior:

  • When you cut and paste a name starting with the last name, Smart IT searches for the complete string, and will not return any results.
    For example, if you cut and paste Johnson Willam in the Smart Recorder, search will return no results because Smart IT looks for a single string "Johnson Willam" instead of two strings "Johnson" and "Willam" and does not find any matches because names are stored in the First Name Last Name format.
  • The initial search, when you start typing the user name, returns a limited number of records. As you continue typing the name, the search is restricted to this limited search result. The search will not find any matches if the last name entered is not a subset of this search result.

To configure Smart Recorder to search by last name or first name

  1. Issue the following SQL command on the SmartIT/MyIT database:

    update SmartIT_Business.configuration_params set value='true' where key_name='reversefirstNameLastName' and tenant_Id='000000000000001'

    For SmartIT_Business in SmartIT_Business.configuration_params, use the business schema name created for Smart IT. See the "BMC Smart IT / MyIT RDBMS Selection" section of the installation worksheet

    For tenant_Id, enter a number such as 000000000000001 (the default), 000000000000002, and so on, to configure the setting for a particular tenant. In a single tenant environment, use 000000000000001.
  2. Restart the Smart IT service.

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