This documentation supports the 1.4 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Changing ticket Impact and Urgency, or Priority in Smart IT

If the impact or urgency of a ticket changes, for example, if you discover that the ticket affects fewer users than originally understood, or if an SLA is in danger of being breached, the corresponding Priority value should also change.

To change the Priority

  1. From ticket details, open the priority for editing:
      • (Universal client) Click the pencil icon.
      • (Android devices) Tap the menu (three dots symbol), and then tap Edit.
      • (iOS devices) Tap Actions, and then tap Edit.
  2. Select a new value for impact or urgency, or both.
  3. Click or tap Save.


In Smart IT, you cannot change the impact or urgency of a service request after it is submitted.

Ticket priority in Incident Management

The Impact and Urgency combine to affect the Priority in Incident Management.

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How administrators configure the Priority for Incident Management

For the Priority value to align with the needs of your organization, administrators must configure the incident priority and weight ranges.

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