This documentation supports the 1.3 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

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Adding indexes for improving asset search

On the Asset Console, depending on the filters you commonly use, you may need to fine tune the performance of Smart IT. To improve performance you may apply indexes given in this topic, to the corresponding fields on their specific form. Fields that are found underperforming when searching for assets are listed in this topic.

Along with indexes, performance improvement also depends on the query criteria that is used in conjunction with indexes. Therefore, it is recommended that you create composite indexes based on the common search patterns.


Effectiveness of indexes depends on the distribution of data and usage of query criteria. To ensure better performance, carefully test the indexes before you implement them in your production environment. 

You can create separate indexes using BMC Remedy Developer Studio on the following fields:

Indexes for searching asset using Keyword

Field nameForm nameField name and ID

Indexes for searching assets using Scanned code

Field nameForm nameField name and ID

You can create composite indexes using BMC Remedy Developer Studio on the following fields:

Indexes for searching assets using Type/Subtype

Field nameForm nameField name and ID

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