This documentation supports the 1.1 version of Remedy with Smart IT.

To view the latest version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Upgrading Smart IT

This topic describes upgrading from previous versions of BMC Remedy with Smart IT.

If you have not installed BMC Remedy with Smart IT, see Smart IT installation process overview.

If you upgrade in a cluster, first run the installer on the master node in the cluster. Then, run the installer on each child node to upgrade the cluster. 

Whenever you upgrade the server, and also whenever new clients are available, you must upgrade clients on all devices. The most recent clients are necessary to support the latest functionality. Users who remain on older clients might not be able to view data or might not be able to successfully use updated features.


BMC Smart IT and BMC MyIT use the same installer. For more information about the relationship between Smart IT and MyIT, see Installing.  If you are running a version of BMC MyIT earlier than 2.2, you must perform upgrades to each intermediate version prior to installing BMC Remedy with Smart IT. For example, if you are running BMC MyIT 2.0, you must first upgrade to BMC MyIT 2.1, then to BMC MyIT 2.2, and then you can install BMC Remedy with Smart IT 1.1 and upgrade to BMC MyIT 2.5.

Preparing to upgrade 


Review the compatibility matrix for the latest, most complete information about platforms currently supported by BMC Remedy for Smart IT.

Note: To access this information, you must log in with your BMC support login and password.

Select BMC PRODUCT AND VERSION. Enter BMC Remedy for Smart IT and select the version.

2Review the Known and corrected issues for BMC Remedy with Smart IT.
3Download the installation files.

Install or update the required and optional BMC software per the compatibility matrix. You can use your existing BMC Remedy AR System and BMC Remedy IT Service Management (ITSM) environment. (You can install BMC Remedy ITSM on the same AR System server on which Smart IT is installed or on a separate AR System server.)

a. Update BMC Remedy AR System and BMC Remedy IT Service Management to the latest service pack or install the latest patch.

b. Install or update BMC Remedy Knowledge Management to the latest service pack or install the latest patch. This is required to enable Full Text Search (FTS), but you do not have to create knowledge articles.

5Verify the required ports for Google and iOS notifications
6If you have existing BMC Remedy ITSM data, migrate that data to the Smart IT social server with the Smart IT Onboarding utility.

Upgrading Smart IT

1Run the installer to upgrade BMC Remedy for Smart IT.  

Deploy the Smart IT application to users so that they can install it on their mobile devices.

Upgrade clients across all platforms to ensure compatibility.


Verify that the configurations are valid after successfully upgrading Smart IT:

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