This documentation supports the 9.1 version of Service Level Management.

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Service Level Management data archiving

The archive feature of BMC Remedy Service Level Management helps you to reduce the size of your production data sets and improves overall system performance. For example, searches run more quickly because the searches look at only the production data, not the archived data. By default, the archiving process is enabled and is run every 24 hours. However, you can configure the frequency of the archiving process or disable it.


To search for archive data, open the relevant archive form and type a keyword in the search box. You cannot search archive data from a production form.

SLM data archiving

In BMC Service Level Management (BMC SLM), data is archived at two levels:

  • Child form data: This data is archived when the relevant Remedy ITSM application parent form data is archived. Remedy ITSM applications include:
    • Incident Management 
    • Change Management
    • Work Order Management
    • Service Request Management
  • Compliance data: This data is archived using the respective archive policies available on the AR System Archive Manager Console.

You can restrict archiving of a child form/compliance data record by selecting the Do Not Archive checkbox available on the respective parent form. To archive a record, the Do Not Archive checkbox must not be selected.


SLM forms data used by the performance monitoring applications like BMC TrueSight Operations Management is not archived.

Archiving policy

Using the AR System Archive Manager Console, you can administer the archiving policies that tell the system when to move records from production forms to archive forms. The SLM child forms are archived as per the respective Remedy ITSM parent form archive policy. Compliance data is archived as per the SLA Compliance History Archive Policy and SLA Compliance Archive Policy.

For more details about archiving policies, see Managing the Archiving process policies .


Archiving has no impact on permissions. When a record is moved from a production form to an archiving form, the archiving form inherits the permission levels of the production form.

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