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Troubleshooting an installation using the log files

This procedure describes how to troubleshoot an installation using log files.

Error and warning messages have [ messageType ] prefixes, for example, [ ERROR ] or [ WARNING ] that indicate the category of the message. Included with the prefix is a timestamp or called routine, if applicable. Installation step outlines have no prefixes.

You can monitor the last update to the log files to see if an installation is still running. To avoid errors when opening the files, use a text editor other than Microsoft WordPad.

To troubleshoot an installation

  1. Review the app_name.html summary log file for failures. Search for "Failed."
  2. If you find any errors, review the app_name_error.log file for details about the errors.
  3. If you find an indication of cascading failures, review the app_name.log file to obtain more complete information about the source of the errors.
  4. If you find any errors, review the arerror.log file and the database error logs to determine the source of installation errors.
  5. Send the .zip output file from the temp directory to Customer Support on request.
    The path to the zipped log appears below the Zip Logs button.

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