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Summary, Detailed, and Error log files

The installer also generates summary, detailed, and error log files.
These log files are stored by default in:

  • Microsoft Windows: installDir \Logs
  • UNIX: installDir /Logs

The installation log file is:

Summary log files

The RemedyApplication.html file contains a high-level summary, including a line-by-line success and fail tally for each .def and .arx file. At the end of the log is a summary table indicating the total number of objects, number of objects that imported successfully, and number of objects that failed to import.

Detailed log files

The RemedyApplication.log file contains detailed status information about the import of all components, including user prompts and answers.

Error log files

The RemedyApplication_error.log file contains an extract of the error and warning messages from the log files.

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