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SLA compliance processing

SLA compliance gathers data from each service target defined in an SLA for a time segment or review period to calculate an overall performance percentage. Users can define a review period of type Daily, Weekly, Monthly, and Quarterly. For each review period, the SLA compliance percentage is calculated at regular intervals to provide a current evaluation of the service target's performance.

SLA compliance processing

Review period

Automated calculation intervals


Every hour (at 5 minutes after the hour)


Every four hours (from midnight: 00:05:00, 04:05:00, and so on)


Every day


Every day

For example, for a SLA record with a review period of type Daily, an SLA Compliance record is created. This record will be updated every four hours to have the current performance of all the service target s under it. The next day, the current SLA compliance record is closed out and a new record is created.

Every time the SLA compliance data is calculated, SLA compliance milestones are checked. If the milestone conditions are met, the actions are performed. A running total of the Impact Cost of each service target is calculated, based on the cost defined in the service target definition.

When the time of the review period is reached, the current SLA compliance record performs its final calculation and the record is closed out (MeasurementDone = "Yes"). The penalty or reward is calculated at this point and can be seen through dashboards and reports. A new SLACompliance record is then created with the Start Time and Last Sample Time set to $TIMESTAMP$. If the agreement status is not enabled, compliance calculations will not take place.

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