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Setting up JTS Compiler

This section describes how to setup JTS Compiler in ServletExec ISAPI 5.0.


This section is only for users that do not have a JDK installed to use for the SLM Collector and want to use a JRE for ServletExec ISAPI 5.0.

To set up the JTS Compiler for ServletExec ISAPI 5.0

  1. In the ServletExec Administration interface, select manage under web applications.
  2. Click web.xml for the daytona web application.
  3. Select Manage under Servlets, and then click Add Servlet.
  4. Add the following values:
    • Servlet Name:  JspServlet
    • Servlet Class:  com.newatlanta.servletexec.JspServlet
  5. Set the following parameter, adjusting as needed for target host specifics. In the following example, Java JRE is installed under E:\Program Files\Java\jre6 and ServletExec ISAPI is installed under  E:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec ISAPI:
    compiler = "E:\Program Files\Java\jre6\bin\java" -jar 
    "E:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec ISAPI"\webapps\
    default\daytona\WEB-INF\lib\ecj-3.6.2.jar -classpath 
    "E:\Program Files\Java\jre6\lib\rt.jar; 
    E:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec ISAPI\lib\servlet.jar; 
    E:\Program Files\New Atlanta\ServletExec ISAPI\lib\ServletExec50.jar"
  6. Click Submit.

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