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Rebuilding request-based or availability service target data sources

The service target processing life cycle logic is built into the datasource filters or rules. If any of the filters are not built, then the rules logic is broken. In order for the service target to process correctly, ensure that the build of the datasource is successful before you begin creating service targets. If the datasource does not build correctly, complete the following steps.

To rebuild request-based or availability service target data sources

  1. Open the Application Administration Console, and click the Custom Configuration tab.
  2. In the navigation tree, click Service Level Management > Configure Application Settings > Data Sources.
  3. Select each request-based or availability data source that integrates with your application, such as BMC Service Desk: Incident Management, BMC Change Management, or your custom form.
  4. Click the Administration tab under the Data Source Settings, and then ensure that all the rules displayed in the table are built.
  5. If a rule, for example, SLM:ServiceRequest_MeasReqAvailStrt2Stp, has a status of "Could Not be Built," select the rule in the table, and then click Build to rebuild this rule.

Perform this step even if you are configuring your own custom form to work with BMC Service Level Management.

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