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Overview of CI outage service targets

CI Outage service targets record the outages or unavailable instances for a specific CI. CI Outage service targets also track the availability of configuration items (CIs) by consuming outage records from a configured form. BMC Service Level Management (BMC SLM) is shipped configured to use the AST:CI Unavailability form to track availability of CIs defined within the CMDB.

The Configure Service Target Data Source page in the Administration Console shows that the default fields used from the AST:CI Unavailability form are Actual Start Date+ and Actual End Date +. If you use a customized form, you must select two Date/Time fields to hold the start date and end date.

You can view the metrics of the CIs related to a service target in BMC SLM Dashboards and Reports.

The tracking of CI Outages using the AST:CI Unavailability form is different from availability service targets, which are tracked by monitoring changes in state on a specific record on a form.

To create CI-outage service targets, you must have Asset Management permissions. You must be a member of either the Asset Viewer, Asset User, or Asset Administrator group.

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