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Defining agreements

After a successful negotiation with department managers or customers, you have the information necessary to begin defining your agreements. To plan your agreements, list those agreements you want to create. If each department or customer you support has similar service requirements, you could consider planning all the service levels for one department at a time. To define your agreements, you should consider the following items:

  • Create a table or spreadsheet that shows an example of an agreement-naming convention.
  • List and categorize all your negotiated agreements. Use a naming convention that accurately identifies and categorizes each of your agreements.
  • Define the function of the agreement.

Once the negotiated agreements are defined, you record the agreements in the Agreements Console. When you create these agreements, you must define and set up the overall goals that measure whether the agreement was met or missed. You can also set penalties and rewards for meeting or exceeding the goal and milestones and actions that are triggered based on your goal.

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