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Changing the database schema sort order

This procedure changes the default application database schema sort, and makes it compatible with your database type. If you are using Oracle or IBM DB2, you must perform this procedure.

If you do not change the sort order, database searches might return the wrong records or return results in an unpredictable way.


If your database is Microsoft SQL Server or Sybase, skip this procedure.

To change the schema sort order

  1. From the IT Home page, open the Application Administration Console.
  2. From the Application Administration Console, click the Custom Configuration tab.
  3. Choose Foundation > Advanced Options > System Configuration Settings > Application Database Sort Order, and click Open.
  4. Search for all records. To do this, enter % without specifying any search criteria and click Search.
  5. In the Functions area, select Oracle or DB2 for the Sort Order Type, depending on which database you are using.
  6. Click Modify All.


    You will see the changed sort order after you restart the BMC Remedy AR System server.

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