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BMC Service Level Management (BMC SLM) combines the service support, infrastructure metrics, and events data into a common product. BMC SLM allows you to set agreements and service target goals using a common mechanism. The architecture reflects the seamless integration and emphasizes that it is one BMC SLM product in the presentation and the data layer.

All definition and configuration is performed by a common interface. The data is stored in the AR System database.The service target processing for the data collected from AR system data sources is performed within AR System. The results are stored in the AR system database forms.

The high-volume, high-frequency infrastructure data from other data sources is processed by the collector and only the results are pushed into AR System. The service target results from both data sources are used by the SLA compliance processor to get periodic compliance results. The following figure shows the various BMC SLM components and their relationships.

BMC Service Level Management architecture overview

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For detailed architectural information useful in developing BMC SLM client applications, see Detailed BMC SLM architecture for developers.

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