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After installing the multi-tenancy update

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If you performed the following work on any of the forms that are modified by the multi-tenancy update, you must manually update those forms:

  • Added a new dynamic group field to an out-of-the-box form
  • Added workflow to populate this new dynamic group field
  • Added this new dynamic group as a permission to Field ID 1.


 For lists of the forms and fields modified by the multi-tenancy update, see Forms and fields overwritten by the multi-tenancy update.


In your out-of-the-box installation, field ID 1 on Form A has the 112 permission group.

You customized the form by adding the 60000 permission group to Field ID 1 on Form A, which means that Field ID 1 now has the 112 and the 60000 permission groups. Because adding the 60000 permission group is a customization, the 60000 permission group becomes part of the overlay layer.

When you run the multi-tenancy update, it updates Field ID 1 on Form A by adding the 60900 permission group to the field 1 permissions. This means that the base layer has the 112 and 60900 permission groups.

You must manually add the new permission groups that were added to field ID 1 by the multi-tenancy update to your overlay layer. This means that you need to manually add the 60900 permission to the overlay version of the forms that were updated by the multi-tenancy update.


The multi-tenancy update does not affect the data in your custom dynamic group field.

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