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Accessing BMC SLM using BMC Impact Explorer

The following steps describe how to access BMC Service Level Management (BMC SLM) using BMC Impact Explorer.

To access BMC SLM using BMC Impact Explorer

  1. Log on to the BMC Performance Manager Portal.
  2. Click the Configure tab.
  3. In the navigation pane, select BMC Impact Explorer.
  4. Log on to BMC Impact Explorer.
  5. In BMC Impact Explorer, click the Events tab.
  6. Right-click a component and select Connect All.
  7. In the navigation pane, click the Services tab.
  8. Expand the navigation tree in the navigation pane and double-click the configuration item (CI) you want to open.
    Information about the selected CI, including icons, appears in the main viewing pane. If no icons exist, enlarge the top portion of the main viewing pane.
  9. In the main viewing pane, right-click the component you want, select Launch and the BMC SLM option that you want. You have the following options to access BMC SLM:
    • Launch > Create SLM Service Target--This enables you to create a service target using the selected CI's status values to define the goals. When you launch from an icon, the fields in Step 1 of the Service Target Wizard are populated with the relevant CI information.
    • Launch > Manage SLM Agreements--This opens the main Service Level Management console showing the agreements that are related to the selected CI.
    • Launch > View SLM Dashboard--This opens the CI Compliance View dashboard.
  10. Log on to BMC SLM.

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