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Stage 3 - Reviewing and driving service improvement

In this stage, a periodic review is initiated. Any adjustments to SLAs, OLAs, or underpinning contracts that better support the customer's needs are identified. For more information, see the following image.

The following figure shows the review process flow:

  1. Initiate periodic review.
  2. View dashboards and reports for longer term trends.
  3. Are any adjustments needed to the SLA?--Are commitments being met? Has the SLA compliance changed over time? Is the SLA reasonable and able to be met? How does the penalty and reward accrual look?
  4. If adjustments are needed, create a change request.
  5. Are any adjustments needed to OLAs and underpinning contracts?--Does the process that supports the SLA perform to expectations, or are changes needed to the OLAs and underpinning contracts?
  6. If adjustments are needed, create a change request.
  7. Review business changes--Meet with business representatives to get an update on their needs and planned initiatives. For example, will there be a surge in hiring? Will there be any mergers or acquisitions? Are there new application or capacity needs?
  8. Are there any new services to support?
  9. If adjustments are needed, create a change request.
  10. Review how well the SLA definition process is working.
  11. Any changes to how SLAs are defined?--Are any process changes needed to take pre-emptive action when SLAs are at risk?
  12. Document changes to the service level management process.
  13. Review if a service improvement program is needed--In what ways can service be improved to better support the business and to meet SLA compliance expectations? If no adjustments are needed, the periodic review is initiated again on an ongoing basis.
  14. Engage other disciplines to determine what changes need to occur.
  15. Act on service improvement program results--Change management processes, IT service managers, and other IT managers are highly engaged during this stage if any changes to SLAs, OLAs, underpinning contracts, process, or other elements of the service are involved as part of the Service Improvement Program. Verification with business representatives also takes place to ensure that the business benefits from the changes and that they agree to the priorities.
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