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Defining measurement criteria for availability service targets

In Step 3 of 4 of the Service Target wizard, if you are not using a template for your measurement criteria, you can define measurement criteria for availability service targets. For time-based availability service targets, you can indicate the circumstances under which your measurements start, stop, and pause. For example, when you set the goal type to Asset Outage Restoration Time, you determine the start, stop, and pause times. You can use a current measurement template or provide your own criteria for the measurement conditions.

The availability measurement tracks the available and unavailable status of an asset. When you create the service target, you specify criteria for starting to measure when the asset is available.

For example, an asset is considered available when the Asset Status = Deployed, and an asset is considered unavailable when the Asset Status = Down. An asset is considered unknown if it is neither available or unavailable. A service target is attached to the asset and records the time when it is available. You could also specify a field on the application form to reference the date and time to use for the start time for the measurement criteria; otherwise, the system time is used for the start time. For CI outage and CI availability service targets that run continuously, you set criteria to determine when the CI is available or unavailable. You set the life cycles for these types of availability service targets.

Before you begin

See the following topics before you begin this step:

Defining service targets

Defining goals and business schedules for request-based service targets

Fields on Step 3 of 4 of the service target wizard

The following table describes the fields in this tab of the service target wizard for both basic and advanced modes. Advanced mode includes all fields in the basic mode with additional options you can use to define your service target.

Fields in the service target wizard (availability service targets)

Field/Area on form



Use Template For Measurement Criteria

You can do the following tasks:

  • Select a template from the list of predefined templates. When you select a template, the Link to this template check box is automatically selected and the Measurement Criteria area is disabled.
  • If you want to modify the Measurement Criteria area, clear the Link to this template check box.

Important: When you create an SVT by using a locale other than English, ensure that you do not use the localized Measurement Criteria Template.


Measurement Criteria

  • Type a description of the measurement criteria for your service target in the Description field.
  • Click Define in the Available When field to open the Qualification Builder so that you can specify the circumstances under which the availability is measured. For example, if you are measuring how many times an asset or service was unavailable for an Availability down count, type the following:
    'Status' = "In Repair".
  • Click Define in the Unavailable When field to open the Qualification Builder so that you can specify the circumstances under which the availability is not measured. For example, when the system is under routine repair, type the following:
    'Status' = "Maintenance".


Lifecycle Interval

Monthly review period (or life cycle) begins when a CI is associated with the service target. At the end of the review period, the availability status of the CI is evaluated and recorded. The measurement record is then restarted for another review period.

You must specify the number of months for the lifecycle interval of the service target.

Best practice

We recommend that you set the lifecycle interval within the range of 1 to 12 months, depending on your business needs. If you set the lifecycle interval to 0 or a number above the recommended range, a large volume of data will need to be evaluated during compliance calculations.


Where to go from here

Defining milestones and actions for availability service targets

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