This documentation supports the 21.05 version of BMC Service Level Management. To view an earlier version, select the version from the product version menu.

Troubleshooting plug-in errors in Service Level Management

You might encounter plug-in errors in BMC Service Level Management if  the Service Level Business Rule Engine (BRIE) is not properly configured. You can check the guidelines described here to resolve the problem or create a BMC Support case.

Issue symptom

You get plug-in errors in BMC Service Level Management.

Issue scope

In a Server Group environment, this can affect one or more servers.


Perform the following checks to ensure that SLM BRIE is configured properly:


Check the AR System server Group configuration

Perform the following checks:

  1. In a browser, enter the following URL to open the AR System Server Group Operation Ranking form:
    For example, 
    http://vw-us-rem-qa:8080/arsys/forms/vw-us-rem-qa/AR System Server Group Operation Ranking.
  2. From Operation, select Business Rule Engine.
  3. Click Search.
    The Rank field should be set to 1.

If the Rank field is not set to 1, create a BMC Support case requesting support to check the overall server group configuration.

Check the armonitor configuration file
  1. Open the armonitor configuration file from the following location:
    • (Microsoft Windows) ARSystemServerInstallDir\Conf\armonitor.cfg
    • (UNIX) etc/arsystem/serverName/armonitor.conf
  2. Ensure the following lines are not commented:

    • (Microsoft Windows) ...\BMC Software\BMCServiceLevelManagement\bin\slmbrsvc.exe
    • (UNIX) /opt/bmc/BMCServiceLevelManagement/bin/
Check AR configuration file
  1. Open the AR configuration file from the following location:
    • (Microsoft Windows) ARSystemServerInstallDir\Conf\ar.cfg
    • (UNIX) /opt/bmc/ARSystem/conf/ar.conf
  2. Ensure that the following lines are not commented and that the Business-Rules-Engine-Suspended is F in the admin server and T on all other servers in the AR System Server Group:

    • (Microsoft Windows)
      • Business-Rules-Engine-Suspended: F
      • Plugin-Path: C:\Program Files\BMC Software\BMCServiceLevelManagement\bin
      • Plugin: omfobjiefilapi.dll
      • Plugin: arfslasetup.dll
    • (UNIX)
Check that if the required BRIE application files exist
  1. Open the bin folder from the following location:
    • (Microsoft Windows) BMC Software\BMCServiceLevelManagement\bin
    • (UNIX) /opt/bmc/BMCServiceLevelManagement/bin/
  2. Check if the following files exist:

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