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This documentation supports the 19.08 version of Service Level Management.
To view an earlier version, select the version from the Product version menu.

Configuring Follow the Sun

There are three steps involved in configuring Follow the Sun:

  1. Create a field on the application form to hold the business entity, if needed.
  2. Reference the field for your Operational Level Agreement (OLA) on the Data Source Settings page (see To reference the business entity field).
  3. Verify that your service target is an OLA and check the Use on App Form option.

To reference the business entity field


Do not rename a business entity in use.

  1. Log on to BMC Service Level Management Administration Console.
  2. Go to the MSP/Business Time tab on the Data Source page.
  3. Select an OLA Type Reference Field. This specifies the field on the application form that holds the business entity.


    If you change the settings in the OLA Type Reference Field you must rebuild the service target afterwards.

To create your service target

  1. Log on to the Service Level Management Console.
  2. Create your service target.
  3. During the service target definition in Step 1 of 4, in the Agreement Type field, select Operational Level Agreement.
  4. In the Step 2 of 4, select the Use on App Form check box.
    This specifies that you want the fields on the application form to be used for the business entity.


    If you build the datasource filters to include the OLA Type Reference field or the SLA Type Reference field, the value of that field on the datasource record overrides the value of the business entity on the service target definition. Therefore, if you select the business entity from the list on the Business Entity field, Follow the Sun will not work because the business entity does not change. The business entity must be referenced from the field on the Application form. However, if the OLA service target (or SLA service target) is built and datasource filters set the value for the OLA Type Reference field (or SLA Type Reference field), it does not matter whether or not the Business Entity field on the service target definition is configured because the value of the datasource record field configured for the OLA Type Reference field (or SLA Type Reference field) takes precedence.

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